Lower Columbia River Destinations… From Portland OR


A Cruising Guide for the Lower Columbia River.


A listing of Anchorages and Moorages that may be used as one travels from Portland Oregon to Ilwaco Washington.

Each is identified by River Statute Miles, as seen on the appropriate NOAA charts, and by Lat/Long position.

“River Mile” is commonly used by commercial as well as Government agencies. The Position in Latitude and Longitude is herein noted for GPS users.

Each page also uses a number of graphic icons. Each indicating Tie Up method and services at that location.

Some pages may have the GOOGLE EARTH Space view. Each may be Zoomed in/out to better identify the location. Note controls top left of view.


This listing is NOT intended to be used for Navigation purposes but as an advisory only.

All listings are subject to change. Consult proper navigation charts and contact marina personnel where possible.





Note !

There are NO marinas between the Vancouver RR bridge and St Helens Oregon..

You can anchor in UNPROTECTED waters .. subject to high wind and wave action..
A). Washington side downriver from tug basin (buoy GREEN “47” (river mile 104) to approx Day mark RED “26” (river mile 97).
B). Oregon side downriver from Dolphin Mark Green “19” (river mile 95) to St Helens.

Caution!!: Avoid Shallows: Oregon side river mile 92 (“Nude Beach”) ..And Bachelor Shoals….Washington side river mile 90 to
Lewis River.

Further Note: Downriver from St Helens OR to Skamakawa WA.. One MAY anchor in many locations BUT, nearly ALL will be subject to High winds and Wave action. Use EXTREME caution and observe weather and traffic conditions.

From below Skamakawa WA (river mile, 33) to the Columbia River Bar…,
It is NOT PRUDENT TO ANCHOR along the LOWER river channel !!
Exception MAY be Three Tree and Jim Crow areas.. BUT, use extreme caution in these locations as well !