Bradbury Slough & Batwater Station

14. anchoring     Bradbury Slough          40. 0 NM – River Mile 59

The Oregon side of the river. Not recommended except for a short visit .
Enter upriver of the Wing Dam with day mark RED ” 6 ” Watch your depth ! Anchor inside the wing dam. Consult chart.

Open to winds and weather. Shallow areas. View is wonderful.. Mt St Helens and surrounding lands.   Dinghy access to many long clean beaches.

Great place for a picnic on the beach.

** 14 B       Batwater Station         40.0 NM       River mile 59

(0.5 NM inside Bradbury Slough )  

Commercial dock and facilities ..Reservations REQUIRED.

Fee.     No supplies. Out buildings with meeting room and shower.  Great for group cruises.      See WEB site   or phone 503-799-7082