Astoria WEST Basin OR

24. mooragerestaurantfuel … 79. 0 NM – River Mile 13

The Destination Moorage for pleasure vessels. Incoming from the Columbia River bar and downriver cruisers . Visitors moor on the outer end of “B” and “C” rows . Marina office is at the top of the “E” ramp. Moderate cost by vessel length. New Showers and Restrooms.

Center of town is 3 or 4 miles away. Sometime serviced by a Free (donation) Trolley car/train ,weather permitting. Trolley Terminal is in front of Red Lion Motor Inn.

Astoria is a charming city with many Victorian homes and several museums. Excellent restaurants and lounges.
A large Marine supply store and repair facilities. Taxi service is available.

Marina does NOT take reservations unless it’s a large group.
If you have questions before arriving Call them by phone. (Note phone numbers on opposite Map page.)
They are often busy and seldom answer VHF radio calls.

The Marina is very near to, almost under the Astoria Bridge. Enter at High Steel Wall. A Blind entry.
The Entrance is a bit frightening. However, it is easy to navigate.

Watch for outgoing vessel’s rigging above the high metal wall. Large fishing vessels also use marina.
Enter at moderate speed from the UP-RIVER side. Power through the opening. Entrance subject to very fast current flow during both Ebb and Flood. Standing waves at entrance can be intimidating. Passage Best made at slack tides. Afternoon winds can get high and waves will build. If possible be there before Noon.
On passing through entry, Quickly. Reduce speed, start LEFT turn to B and C rows..
IF Strong NW wind, try to head into wind going into East side of Row C. If no room.. Row B will be downwind. Have fenders and Helpers standing by. Slips are close and the wind will DRIVE you into a downwind moorage on the West side of B or C rows.. Take your time and be ready. Any slip empty is available.

ON leaving, proceed slowly, check for Incoming traffic, Then POWER out of the entry and make a rapid Angled LEFT transit. Be prepared for a fast flowing current. If on EBB, Move away from the shoreline as quickly as you can. Current can SET you rapidly… Proceed at best speed.