Ilwaco WA

27.         mooragerestaurantfuel …   (Entrance)…  87. 0  NM   – River Mile  03.0

Marina  3 or 4 miles farther

Ilwaco is the last Marina/city before crossing the Columbia river Bar.
Used primarily by commercial and Charter vessels, It is a busy marina.

It’s also the Base for the US Coast Guard Rescue units and the Training Center for the US Coast Guard Rescue services. You may see (be cautious of traffic) the Rescue boat rushing out the channel to help a distressed boater.

Ilwaco has many Motels, Restaurants, Bars and some shops.  A historic town that is showing it’s age. To get to the marina and city, one must travel the Ilwaco channel . A narrow and busy waterway. Enter at  Channel Entrance Marks   GREEN  “1”  and  RED  “2”..    AFTER passing  River Buoys   RED ” 20 ”  and  GREEN  ” 21 “.